Brazilian Hair Straightening

Do you have unmanageable, frizzy, dull or damaged hair? Then a Brazilian hair Straightening treatment is the answer!
The hair protein Keratine in the Brazilian hair straightening treatment will fill up the gaps in the hair cuticles and nourish the hair from the root up. A layer of thin keratine protein will form around each hair, to create strong, frizzy free and smooth hair with a brilliant shine.
In contrast to other hair straightening products, like Japanese straightening, a Brazilian hair straightening from Sunliss does not break up the sulphurbindings in your hair. Even better, the Brazilian hair straightening treatment repairs any breaks in your hair!

How to use Brazilian hair straightening of Sunliss?
The application of the Brazilian hair straightening treatment is extreme simple. Simply wash your hair and blow dry it. Apply the Brazilian hair straightener evenly in the hair and wait for 20 minutes. Carefully straighten each lock of hair with a straight iron and again wait for (at least) 1 hour, to a maximum of 48 hours before the treatment is washed out. The longer the Sunliss Brazilian hair straightener is in your hair, the more shine and nutrients your hair will get.

It is important to keep your hair dry for the first 3 days and to pay special attention to the after care. To prolong the effects of the Brazilian hair straightening, it is important to only wash your hair with keratine shampoo and conditioner. This way your hair will stay curl free for 3 – 5 months!
The Brazilian hair straightening treatment of Sunliss is suitable for every hair type and even for bleached or coloured hair!

Watch the video’s below to see how easy a Brazilian hair straightening treatment is:

(Sunliss instructie video 1)
(Sunliss instructie video 2)

Frequently asked questions:

Will my hair lose volume?
By choosing the correct styling technique with the straightener, you can create the wanted volume for your hair.

Will my hair return to its original state, after the Brazilian hair straightening treatment is worn off?
Yes, your hair will return to its own general structure. The treatment will have an effect on the hair for 3 – 5 moths, depending on the number of times you wash your hair with the keratine shampoo and conditioner. Regular treatments and after care with our Sunliss keratine shampoo and conditioner will improve and prolong your Brazilian hair straightening treatment. Be sure to purchase these after care products with certified dealers or distributors, like Sunliss.

Which hair types are suitable for a Brazilian hair straightening?
A Brazilian hair straightening treatment can be applied on every type of hair. The result will always be the same; straight, shinier and healthier hair that doesn’t frizz.

How long does a Brazilian hair straightening treatment take to apply?
The treatment takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the length and the amount of curls. After that, you can choose to rinse out the treatment after one hour or as long as 48 hours. If you allow the treatment to stay in the hair longer, more nutrients will be taken up and the hair gets more shine and will feel softer.

Can I use the Brazilian hair straightening on damaged hair?
Yes, the treatment of Sunliss will repair en nourish your hair and can be applied on every hair type.

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